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Nickel Plate Mine

Project Overview

Nickel Plate is a closed gold mine owned by Barrick Gold Corp. (Barrick) It is located 3 km northeast of Hedley, BC. The Nickel Plate Mine operated from 1987 to 1996 and used surface storage of waste rock and tailings. Interim closure and reclamation construction activities at the tailings storage facility (TSF) were completed in 1998. In order to progress final closure of the site, Barrick has required the development and execution of various projects related to TSF stability, water management, short-term water treatment, and long-term water treatment.

Project Scope

JDS was engaged by Barrick in 2017 to provide project management for the construction of an emergency spillway on short notice, in order to satisfy tightening regulatory requirements at the Nickel Plate Mine. Earthworks civil construction included the excavation of the emergency spillway and the placement of geotextile and multiple layers of screened and sorted rock material. In 2021, JDS provided EPCM services for $6M of brownfields WTP upgrades. Mechanical installations included a wet-well and pump station, 20+ pumps, a 28’ clarifier, and numerous tanks and agitators. The PLC system was also upgraded to modern standards. JDS provided project management, construction supervision, technical support, and quality assurance for the duration of both projects. The emergency spillway project was completed on budget and the WTP upgrades were completed under budget despite supply chain challenges.

In 2019 and 2020, JDS managed consultants completing feasibility and engineering work on long-term water management strategies for the site. JDS is also providing project management, contracting, and execution planning services for construction of a TSF buttress in 2022, planning for which has been underway since 2019.

Barrick Gold

British Columbia

$650 k