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New Afton Mine

Project Overview

New Gold Inc. contracted JDS Energy & Mining Inc. to supply skilled underground miners and equipment to support the development, production and construction of the B3 and C Zone blockcave at the New Afton Mine. The JDS labour is aimed primarily to speed up the B3 and C-Zone Development. Currently, the purpose of this development is to expand the mine life of the New Afton Mine until 2032.

Project Scope

Principle Construction Activities:

  • Grizzly installation
  • Ore pass rehabilitation
  • Concrete plugs
  • Underground dewatering stations
  • Underground weirs
  • Brattices and rollup doors
  • General mine rehabilitation
  • Drawbell construction
  • Steel ventilation door installation
  • Shop fire door installation
  • Surge tank installation
  • Raise bore setups
  • Raise covering

Principle Development Activities:

  • Mechanized ramp development·
  • Cable bolting
  • Service installation
  • Conventional mining of cutouts and safety bays behind the cycle

Principle Production Activities:

  • Mucking
  • Remote mucking
New Gold Inc.

Kamloops, BC