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Muckahi Project

Project Overview

JDS took over the installation of the CV102 conveyor at Mina Media Luna’s Muckahi Project, including electrical installations, vacuum tests, load tests and full cycle customer training. The conveyor belt was installed on a 30 degrees (approximately 58% incline) ramp where the foundation slabs were built for the assembly of the structures. The conveyor consists of the main head tower, feed chute, mechanical as well as all electrical equipment and assembly.

Project Scope

JDS’s scope of work consisted of the following:

  • Head Pulley: Located near the entrance to the Muckahi area, it consists of the main motors, transmission, pulley system, electrical control system, safety devices and emergency stops.
  • Conveyor Belt: Bucketed 42” wide conveyor belt was transported and installed on a 30 degrees approximately 58% incline ramp.
  • Civil Works & Foundations: Design and construction of civil works for concrete foundations that served as bases for the conveyor structures.
  • Hopper & Main Feeder: Installation of discharge hopper and Häggloader equipment as main belt feeder.
  • Electrical Equipment & Staff Training: JDS was in charge of the electrical installation, control panels, emergency shutdowns and start-up, which included commissioning and the training of MML personnel and the final delivery of the complete project.
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