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Mt. Nansen

Project Overview

Mount Nansen Remediation Limited Partnership (MNLRP) which is a 50/50 partnership between JDS and Alexco Environmental have contracted with Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada (CIRNAC). The project includes engineering, permitting, care & maintenance, remediating and closing the Mount Nansen mine site that was abandoned in the mid-90s. The mine is located ~60km north west of Carmacks in the Yukon.

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Project Scope

MNRLP is under contract with CIRNAC to remove ~350k m3 of tailings and tailings contaminated soils, ~400k m3 of potentially acid generating waste rock, ~130,000 m3 of other contaminated soils and place them into the mined out pit. Along with these materials, the existing mine buildings and other infrastructure will be demolished and also placed within the pit. The pit will be covered with an geomembrane liner system. The valley where the tailings were located will be rebuilt and the creek re-established and other areas disturbed by mining activities will be regraded to ensure long term stability and then revegetated.

MNRLP will be responsible for permitting the remediation plan and working with the Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation and other stakeholders to ensure that the closure objectives are met. While the permitting process is underway, Care and Maintenance work will occur and will include installation and operation of a water treatment plant. Once permitted, JDS will self-perform all of the earthworks for the permitted closure plan.

Alexco Environmental / JDS Energy & Mining Inc.

Yukon Territory