El Limón – Guajes (ELG) Mine

Project Overview

Media Luna is an underground deposit in the Guerrero gold belt region of Mexico which primarily contains gold, silver, and copper mineralization. The deposit is located on the south side of the Balsas River, approximately 7 km from the El Limón Guajes processing plant. In order to comply with the development plan of the SubSill mine, Z71 and Limon Deep mining zones, the incorporation of two ventilation circuits and emergency escape ways is required.

Project Scope

JDS has been tasked with the excavation of the vertical development, installation of the permanent ground support and the construction of the escapeway infrastructure using a mechanized raise climber. The project consists of two separate raises with a combined total of 225 m of vertical development at a cross section of 3.5 m x 3.5 m. In addition to the construction of the escapeway, JDS is also responsible for the design and procurement of the escape way ladders and landings. The project is primarily being executed by a Mexican workforce with only a few expatriate workers form the USA and Canada.

Torex Gold

Guerrero State, Mexico