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El Creston Project

Project Overview

The El Creston molybdenum deposit is located in the State of Sonora, 175 kilometres south of the US Border and 145 kilometers northeast of the city of Hermosillo, Mexico near the village of Opodepe. The EI-Creston project is a conventional truck-shovel, open pit mine with a sulfide ore processing plant installed to produce a primary molybdenum concentrate and a by-product copper concentrate.

Project Scope

JDS was retained by Mercator Minerals (then Creston Moly Corp.) in July 2009 to be involved in multiple phases of assessment, design and build of the El Creston mine. Preliminary involvement included the development of environmental and hydrological studies and project economic assessments. JDS delivered a Nl 43-101 Preliminary Economic Assessment published in December 2010 which justified a full Nl 43-101 compliant Feasibility Study. In 2011, JDS submitted a Nl 43-101 compliant Feasibility Study for the El Creston Project to Mercator Minerals Corp. JDS managed additional geotechnical field work, environmental studies, water and well field studies, metallurgical works, drilling and assaying necessary to complete the Feasibility Study. JDS managed Jacobs Engineering for detailed engineering works to successfully complete the Feasibility Study for this $600M capital project.

Mercator Minerals Ltd.

Sonora, Mexico