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Bralorne Mine

Project Overview

The Bralorne Mine is part of three historic mines of the Bralorne Mine Complex. Consisting of the Bralorne, Pioneer and Crown Mines located in the town of Bralorne near the Bridge River District and Carpenter Lake Dam.

Project Scope

In 2020, JDS was engaged by Talisker Resources Ltd. (Talisker) to optimize and develop a fit-for-purpose mine plan. Following the mine plan development, JDS Underground provided the geotechnical review of the 800L drift, and subsequently completed the drift’s rehabilitation work. To date, JDS provides underground Shift Boss support for all investor and client tours at the Bralorne Mine. Additionally, JDS and has provided the following scopes of work:

  • Timber set rehab and installation
  • Mine dewatering
  • 3 km of track drift rehab, including ballast and rail, inspection and maintenance
  • Geotechnical review
  • Provision of shift boss services
  • Channel sampling and ore model validation
  • 300 tpd restart economic modeling and mine planning
Talisker Resources Ltd.

Bralorne, BC