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Barkerville Gold Mine

Project Overview

The Barkerville Gold Mine (BGM) is located just outside the town of Wells and the historic town of Barkerville, in the Cariboo region of BC. BGM is 100% owned by Osisko Development Corp. (Osisko). BGM began its operation in 1999 and is currently underground mining at the Bonanza Ledge. Osisko is proposing to construct an operate the Cariboo Gold Project, an underground gold mine also located in Wells, BC.

Project Scope

JDS was engaged to aid in the development of the Cow Mountain Portal. The Cow Portal will allow access to 10,000 tonnes bulk sample for its Cariboo Gold Project. JDS acted as the onsite construction management and supervision which has seen the Project through the design phase and then into construction.

The Cow Portal includes the construction of a 300 m non-contact diversion ditch – including ditch liner installation, construction of a 6 m x 6 m x 25 m Arch Lock Tunnel including interlocked retaining wall, approximately 4,000 m2 of pad construction, 8,000 m3 of organic material excavation, 22,000 m3 of overburden excavation, 2,000 m3 of rock excavation, soil dump construction including drainage ditch at toe and mid-points of soil dump.

JDS also aided in the planning and mobilization of BGM’s newly purchased Sandvik MT-720 Road Header from the Bonanza Ledge portal to Cow Portal. This work included site preparation at both location with ramp design and construction for loading and unloading. JDS has continued to support the road header operations with equipment, planning and staging of operations.

JDS was also retained to design and construct the Cow Portal dewatering pipeline. This was a 2200 m – 6” insulated HDPE pipeline, including heat trace. The pipeline will bring water from underground to the sediment control pond.

Osisko Development Corp.

Wells, BC