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Aurora Gold Mine

Project Overview

Guyana Goldfield’s Aurora Gold Mine is the first underground mine in the country of Guyana, located in the Cuyuni-Mazaruni region of Guyana. The exploration decline starts in the highwall of an exhausted open pit. The ramp is 5 m wide by 6 m tall. The ramp is designed for an optimal daily throughput of 5,000 tpd ore and 1,000 tpd waste from three satellite underground mine deposits and one sub-level retreat deposit located underneath the Rory’s Knoll pit.

Project Scope

JDS was tasked with importation and site establishment for infrastructure to begin mining operations. In addition, JDS was responsible for the hiring and training of all local labour to continue operations at the underground mine, as well as the development of the 2,640 m of decline in order to establish the first production level at the Rory’s Knoll deposit. From the access ramp, multiple target levels were identified and added onto JDS scope to develop sub-levels for planned longitudinal and potentially inverse stoping along the ore panels in the Mad Kiss satellite deposit. JDS conducted all longhole mining including engineering, cable bolting, drilling loading, blasting, mucking and backfill. JDS is operating under BC mine regulations in conjunction with the government of Guyana. At the time there were no formal underground mining regulations established in Guyana.
JDS is utilized a diverse team of expatriate workers from the USA, Mexico, and Canada to complete the project. While the project was ongoing, JDS held a contract for the design and engineering of the general ramp and mine layout, and for short- and medium-range planning and geotechnical review.

Guyana Goldfields Inc.

Guyana, South America