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Introducing JDS Integrated Reclamation

Building on nearly 20 years of excellence in project delivery and reclamation execution experience, JDS is pleased to announce the latest chapter for our business, […]

No Harm to People, Environment, Assets, or Reputation

While the road to restarting the Mount Polley mine in B.C.’s Central Interior has been long and challenging, it has been made considerably less bumpy […]

Open & Honest Communication Shared Both Internally and With Customers

Rob Gutowski has a message for the next generation of Canadian engineers: As a career path, mining is making a major comeback. Nine years into […]

Insist on the Highest Standard of Leadership, Teamwork & Accountability

Q:  Why did the project manager cross the road? A:  Because the client refused to meet her halfway. With both of her parents working as […]

True to our Word

Like most mining engineers, eight-year JDS veteran Garrett Whipp gets the job done on behalf of his customers by using specialized mine-planning and 3D-modeling software […]

Conduct Business Professionally, Ethically and Practically

Working just below the Arctic Circle in the shadows of Yukon’s Dawson Mountains sure sounds like an adventure. But for JDS Mine Superintendent Brandon Matusiak, […]

A message from Gord Bussieres

Reflecting on my 18th year as a JDS employee, pride is the first thing that comes to mind. Thanks to the courage and resilience demonstrated […]

JDS Sponsors Makgadikgadi Community Junior Secondary School Career Expo

Aligned with our commitment to supporting the local and First Nation communities where we live and work in, JDS was proud to sponsor a Career […]

A Canadian Natural Diamond Story

Canada’s natural diamond market needs a new discovery to invigorate investor interest in a flagging industry, says sector heavyweight Eira Thomas.  The Lucara Diamond (TSX: […]

The Evolving Cyber Security Threat

The United States Government has a issued a reward for information on a group of cyber actors accused of attacking US critical infrastructure, to include […]

No harm to People, Environment, Assets, or Reputation

For Daniel Jenkins, few things are more satisfying than photos of a reclaimed mine; highly engineered facility upgrades integrated seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. As […]

Open & Honest Communication Shared Both Internally and With Customers

Not every CEO moonwalks in the hallways, cracks bad jokes — “I’m really excited for the next autopsy club meeting…It’s open Mike night!” — and […]