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The Evolving Cyber Security Threat

Posted on March 16, 2023

The United States Government has a issued a reward for information on a group of cyber actors accused of attacking US critical infrastructure, to include the resource sector.  This same group is suspected of attacking the Alouette smelter in Quebec in February 2022 just after Russia invaded Ukraine. 

Of the three most recent public attacks on the metals industry, two have been on copper producers and one on an aluminum smelter – all attributed to Russian groups.  To note, as well as being a major energy producer, Russia also accounts for 5% of the world’s copper, 6% of aluminum, 11% of nickel, 10% gold, and 6% of platinum.

A recent Kapersky study highlighted their number one prediction for 2023 is for a record number of disruptive and destructive cyberattacks affecting both the government sector and key industries.  Resource companies need to worry about more than just ransomware attacks against their Informational Technology (IT) assets, damaging attacks to a plant’s Operational Technology (OT) carries a much higher price tag to resolve.

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