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No harm to People, Environment, Assets, or Reputation

Posted on January 31, 2023

For Daniel Jenkins, few things are more satisfying than photos of a reclaimed mine; highly engineered facility upgrades integrated seamlessly into the surrounding landscape.

As a Field Engineer-in-Training from 2017 to 2018, Daniel was part of the JDS team engaged to provide project management and technical support during the reclamation and closure of a mine near Hope, B.C. Daniel also had the opportunity to work on field programs to support closure planning at the Mount Nansen and Faro Mines in Yukon. Daniel rounded out his experience as a Project Manager responsible for engineering management, procurement, and construction management for projects advancing closure at two BC mines. This culminated in the successful execution of TSF upgrades at the Goldstream Mine near Revelstoke, BC, drone imagery of the completed project shown below.

Through this extensive time on site, Daniel gained the experience and expertise he needed to accelerate his career and eventually become General Manager of Reclamation within JDS’ Construction division.

More than that, however, Daniel gained a deep appreciation for JDS’s long-standing commitment to leaving lasting, positive, and sustainable legacies at all mine sites and in all communities where its teams work and live.

“At JDS, how we close our mines is just as important as how we build and operate them,” Daniel says. “That’s why we’re on the leading edge of innovation and execution when it comes to mine reclamation and closure. Working closely with our partners, we strive to integrate closure into our planning, decision-making, and actions through the entire life cycle of a mine project. On reclamation projects, we employ new technologies including on-site geotechnical and geochemical laboratories, drone surveys, and GPS control machinery with inputs from on-site mining engineers and the latest mine-planning software.”

As a Professional Engineer (P.Eng) registered in British Columbia, Yukon, and Saskatchewan, Daniel has worked on closure planning and execution in all three jurisdictions. In B.C. alone, the JDS reclamation team has managed approximately $60 million of work over the past five years, with over half of that coming in 2022 under Daniel’s leadership.

“Advancing mine development, safe operations, and responsible closure depends on all stakeholders working together closely,” Daniel adds. “Our portfolio of successful reclamation projects highlights what can be accomplished through collaboration among aligned site owners, regulators, First Nation communities, and local contractors.”

(Goldstream Mine, B.C.)