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JDS Group – Okanagan College Gateway Program

Posted on June 28, 2021

Connecting Students to Sustainable Trade Opportunities

On Friday, June 28th, our President and CEO, Jeff Stibbard was invited by the staff at Okanagan College (OC) to speak to a group of students enrolled in the Gateway Program.

The Gateway program is a partnership between Okanagan College and Central Programs and Services, working towards providing students with both practical, theoretical experience, and valuable employability skills in a wide variety of trade sectors.

A key highlight from the discussion was around the importance of mentorship.

OK College Gateway Program

On behalf of JDS, we were inspired by the interest and engagement shown by the students in attendance in support of the future of the mining industry.

We look forward to continuing our partnership and support for the Gateway Program and collaborating to unlock the infinite career opportunities available across our industry.

For more information on the OC Gateway Trades Program please visit: