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Growing At-Risk Boys Into Good Men – The Boys Club Network

Posted on July 21, 2021

In a perfect world, all boys would have hope, opportunity, positive mentorship.


Did you know?


An alarming percentage (+/- 15% in BC according to Boys Club Network (BCN) educators) of the more than five million students enrolled in Canadian elementary and secondary schools are boys seeking connection with and positive mentorship from adult male role models; and seeking connection with a structured, nurturing community of other young men.


On July 8th, 2021, JDS Resources President, Brent Gilchrist, spent his afternoon with youth from one of four Boys Club Network (BCN) summer camps, discussing the importance of mentorship, life lessons from his inspirational career as both a professional NHL hockey player and mining executive, as well as the many benefits a career in mining can provide youth today to help move the industry forward.


The Boys Club Network is a privately funded registered Canadian charity founded and operated by BC educational professionals, Canadian philanthropists and over 300 mentors. Their goal is to create programs and services that highlight mentorship and connection to encourage teaching, healing and prevention. The Boys Club Network is for young men 12-18 who are seeking an inspirational network, and role models in their lives.


These young men (sons, brothers, caregivers) are high-potential Canadian boys and young adults, some of whom, through mere circumstance are at risk of losing their innocence, happiness, mental wellness and basic human potential, to hopelessness, unrealized education, underachievement, substance abuse as self-medication, negative social and/or illegal behaviours, and in some cases homelessness.

“We need our sons, brothers and students to know that we care about them whether or not they are working to their potential or rebelling against circumstance – that they are not disposable. Thank you to Brent for being an incredible mentor and role model, encouraging the next generation in our community to pursue their dreams and strive to achieve their life goals.” – Walter Mustapich, President, Boys Club Network

At JDS we believe, mentorship is integral to building a better future for our youth, today and tomorrow. Brent’s involvement in the Boys Club Network is just one of the many ways JDS demonstrates #ESGAction and our commitment to #TheJDSWay by supporting the local communities in which we live and work.


For more information on how to get involved with Boys Club Network please click here.