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ESG IN ACTION – Interview with Commodity-TV

Posted on July 9, 2021

“There are essentially three types of capital required to successfully build a mine or resource project today. Financial, intellectual, and trust—and it’s my job, and the constant focus of the JDS team to grow that trust capital for our customers through our #ESGAction approach.

At JDS, we treat our client’s and investors’ money like it’s our own, and my business is to put #IronInTheirWords and deliver. We do this by leveraging our proven experience and trusted partnerships, earned over our many decades, living in and being a part of the local mining communities we work in.

It’s not good enough to say what you stand for. It needs to be stated where are you going, and how are you getting there.”

– President & CEO, Jeff Stibbard on Commodity-TV with Jochen Staiger

Commodity-TV is a channel focused on mining companies, experts, analysts and professional opinions of funds managers and more!

JDS Group of Companies is a group of companies consisting of 9 companies in the fields of engineering, finance, transportation and many more. The company has already planned and built many well-known mining projects in North, South and Central America. Through its comprehensive services, JDS Group of Companies can assist in every phase from exploration to production. 

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