Core Principles & Safety

Core Principles

JDS has a singular focus – “Partnering with its Customers to Achieve Maximum Resource Development Value” and lives by its principles to achieve this goal:
  • No harm to people, environment, assets or reputation
  • Deliver the highest standard of leadership, teamwork and accomplishment
  • Conduct business professionally, ethically and practically
  • Open and honest communication both internally and with our clients
  • Accept no mediocrity, be true to our word and get it done
  • Treat our clients’ money like it is our own

Safety Strategy

JDS takes pride in the Health and Safety Program it has developed and integrated into its projects. Our expectations of excellence in safety are transferred to all of our projects around the world and operated at the same standard. This also holds true for our Environmental Management Plan (EMP).

Successful Health Safety & Environmental (HSE) achievement begins at the top with the demonstrated commitment of the corporate leadership. The management of JDS continually strives for the highest level of occupational Health and Safety excellence through the development of a pro‐active culture right down through the field operations team. With the provision of above average HSE resources, including best in class safety polices, safe operating practices, safety training, safety meetings, incident reporting and safety management personnel, all JDS team members and contractors are accountable for their safe behavior.